Kunibert, count of Nippes, has been born, so says the legend, at the 11th November of the year 1111. The castle of his ancestors rose beyond the roman north gate; with a large farm and an inn for traveling merchants and wayfarers nearby. The count served fine wine to his guests, so that especially the citizens of Cologne liked to sit in his inn and nipped (sipped) his wine, so the estate get the name Nippes.

Kunibert, who was from his youth in charge of the wine production, got famous as beeing an expert admirer of the noble juice of the grape and was very popular among the inhabitants of Cologne. As a youth, a kind of Faustian urge affected him, he sought to investigate the connections in the world of cause and effect and his sharp eye with which he often looked behind the world events, gave him a really taunting irony. His numerous adventures were famous in Cologne and around.

In later years the already aged count liked to feast with his friends at the bank of the Rhine. The long life with wine conserved his organism well, so that with 123 he build a stone house with spacious basements north from Saint Martin, where he had drunk wine almost a whole human life, the house which became our inn later.

Still at living-times Kunibert created a club among his friends and comrades, mainly butchers and bakers. Because of the corpulence of the members, who had so the appearance of large meat balls, they got the nickname of the "Frikadellenklub" (meatball club)..


There was also an old sailor Hannes among the members. Many years of his life this weatherproofed man had lived in the south sea among the natives, for which one had given him the nickname"the cannibal". As this old seafarer entered the wine restaurant for the first time, all visitors and members of the club thought to see the ghost of count Kunibert; not only, because he resembled the count like a twin, but also, because he was also a passionated wine lover and enrolled himself into the member list without hesitation. So he became the owner of the inn till his death.

The old, small wine house, however, stayed popular amoung the citizens of Cologne. . The wine restaurant was the homestead of the Bohemia of Cologne, the artists, students and intellectuals.

So the wine house changed the name many times in the past: "Inn Hemerbach", "The golden lion", "In the three Romans", "To the large pint", "In the Hessian country" and then since 1879 "Kunibert the nasty one".