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In the heart of Cologne, the historical and romantic "old town" of Cologne directly at the Rhine promenade.

An ambience not only for corporate guests or groups, but also for individuals.

The comfort of the whole establishment - in the hotel, in the restaurant, in the cocktailbar or in the large hall dedicated to a variety of occasions, located on the first floor and with a charming view to the opposite side of the Rhine - an ideal retreat and just at the door of the metropolis Cologne.

Zimmer Reservierung

Important Information for our guests!

Dear Guest Beginning from December 1st, 2014 the City of Cologne is collecting a new type of tax. The „City Art & Culture Tax“amounting to 5% of the Accommodation-Rate. This concerns also reservations made before for the arrival date 01.12.2014.

This municipality tax is due for every paid overnight stay within the boundary of Cologne, irrespective of the accommodation being used or not. It is also applicable if no overnight stay occurs.

According to the municipality tax regulations it is the obligation of the hotels to collect the tax from its guests and pass it on to the City of Cologne.

Business overnight stays:

The City Cologne has suitable forms on the Internet under www.stadt-koeln.de, -> (Menüpunkt)"Kulturförderabgabe" to the download for – dependent employees (abhängig Beschäftigte), and – for businessmen and freelances (Gewerbetreibende und Freiberufler) provided.

If the guest did not like to pay the City art & Culture tax, he has to fill out the forms completely urgently. Besides, of the dependent employees are needing a signed certificate of his employer that he spends the night officially. On both forms the guest must declare his identity card or passport number, besides, the businessman or freelance must declare his tax identification number.

If the guest does not fill suitable forms, the city art & culture tax has to be added to the invoice by the hotel. Concerning §11 of the statute the guest is able later, thus he was really on business in the town, this could not prove only at the time of the overnight stay which apply for request the payback of the city art and culture tax from the city of Cologne Latest with this application position the guest must give the completely satisfactory documents.

Downloads (forms are only available in German)

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us should you have further questions.


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